About Us

Built out of a desire to provide unending support to innovative businesses and individuals.

Structure HQ creates customized solutions that assist innovators in building institutions, creating inventions, and businesses that stand the test of time, outlive their founders, and drive generational wealth. Our story began with providing solutions for one organization and has rapidly grown into creating solutions for over 50 companies and high-net-worth individuals. The SHQ clientele base spans a variety of industries and sectors.
With our support, clients have experienced significant growth, built ecosystems and expanded their business footprint. Over the years, we have recognized the importance of providing bespoke corporate and commercial solutions, and it's our mission to give more individuals and businesses access to same.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

To move our clients’ interests forward by designing customised solutions, leveraging experience, talents, and new technologies.

Our Vision

To become Africa’s leading provider of creative business solutions for individuals and innovative businesses.

Our Core Values

On the backbone of Collaboration, Empathy, Equity, Innovation and Resilience.

Our Management





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